Lithic use wear

All the rock materials from pebbles to stone tools are collected. From the analysis of stone tools a lot of things about Bronze Age life can be learnt. For example the raw materials, the technology and the usage of the tools can be examined. In Prehistory sickles were equipped with stone blades and from the shine of these sickle blades the type of cereals cultivated can be identified.

Preliminarily results at Százhalombatta-Földvár:

From the raw materials of the stone tools some of the long distance connections the Bronze Age habitants of the Tell settlement had could be identified. From some special tool types and pieces the leading role of the Tell could be concluded. Location of the chipped stone manufacture varied. The number of tools is more than double in levels 1 and 2 once compared to levels 3 to 6, but their variety in tool types and raw material is growing in the lower levels. Similarly, the diversity of regional and long-distance raw material increases as well.